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How old does my child have to be in order to participate at a group lesson?

Children from 3 years can participate at the ski taster lessons in the Snukiland. From 4 years, participation at the group ski course is also possible. We recommend a minimum age of 9 for snowboard courses. Children can be younger if they book a private lesson.

What is the difference between a taster course and a normal group course?

The taster course is an introduction to snow sports and is dedicated to children under the age of 4. The lesson is shorter than regular group courses (1 hour or max 2 hours).

Is pre-booking required for group courses?

Normally there is plenty of space in the group courses. However, during Carnival weeks some courses might be fully booked very quickly. We therefore recommend booking the course online in our Online Shop. In this way the registration process in the Ski School office is much faster.

How big are the groups in a group course?

The number of participants varies depending on the group you booked. The exact numbers are available in the Info-Box with the respective course offers. The minimum number of participants for all courses is 5 persons. We want the group courses to have a small number of participants in order to guarantee an intensive learning experience.

What happens if there are less than five persons for a group course?

The Snow Sports School reserves the right to put groups together or to reduce the number of lessons (in case of a 3-hour course to 2 hours, in case of a 2-hour course to 1 hour).

How will I be assigned to the right group?

The first grouping is done based on the information you provided at the point of booking and based on the DSLV snow sports philosophy. In order to understand the process better, you can watch the group assignment on our website. If you don't want to choose the course level yourself and do not know your current level, we will be pleased to assist you.

What if I have been assigned to the wrong course level?

At the start you need some patience until everyone is in the right group. The instructors always try to make the required changes very quickly, if somebody should be in the wrong course level. If at the end of the first day, you still have the feeling that you or your child are in the wrong group, please talk to the instructor or the main instructor on the slope. They will help you to find the "right" group for yourself.

Can our children join the same group?

Grouping of children is mainly based on the skiing skills, the age and the language of children. If your children or your friend's children are at the same skill level, please inform the instructor on the first day, and we will try our best to put them into the same group! If the children are not at the same skill level, the child who skis better would have to join a lower skill group to meet the requirements of the weaker child!

Is it possible for adults and children to book a course at the same time?

Yes, grouping of course participants occurs near to each other at our meeting points. All courses end at the meeting point and children will be looked after until they are picked up by the parents!

Will I get my money back if the children don't like the course?

In general, money is only refunded upon presentation of a doctor's certificate (illness, injury). We have however several offers (taster hour in the Snukiland, extension day, ...) in order to reduce the "risk" as much as possible!

Do beginners need a ski pass?

No. Once you need a ski pass the snow sports instructor or our sales office will inform you about the best option. The use of the conveyor belt in the beginners area is included in the course rate. The use of the pull lift and of other lifts is not included in the course rate.

Is the ski pass included in the ski course fee?

No. In addition to the ski course you have to purchase a ski pass.

Does the course price differ if we book the course as a whole or if we book single days?

You have a price advantage if you book all course days at once before course start!

Do we have to book a multi-day course or can we also choose less days?

We recommend booking a multi-day course in order to guarantee optimal success. Especially beginners should book at least 3-5 days in order to get a certain basic level of safety on the equipment. The course days have to be consecutive.

Is it possible to postpone a course in case of bad weather?

No, if you have booked a course, there is no possibility to postpone or cancel the course in case of bad weather or other events.

Will the course time be extended if I am late for the course?

No. Our instructors have a tight time schedule, it is therefore not possible to make up the time if you are late. We therefore ask you to come punctually so you can make the most of every minute.

In case of uncertain weather, where can I get informed if the ski lessons will take place?

From 8.15 am the information on whether courses take place or not is available on the following channels: Website of the Ski School. The winter sports report will also inform you about the open lift facilities. In these cases, guests who have booked a private lesson, should be reachable by phone, so the instructor or the Ski School Office can contact you in order to talk about any programme changes

Is the rental equipment included in the ski course?

Rental equipment has to be booked separately. It can be booked online or rented onsite.

I have my own boots, but need skis/snowboard. Do you have a ski-only rate?

Yes, the rental fee for ski-only is available in the rental shop or on our website.

Does my child need a helmet for the ski course?

For the personal safety of children and adults we recommend wearing a helmet.

Where can I rent the equipment or where can I find a service or repair shop for my own equipment?

The equipment can be rented in the rental shops of Intersport Ski-HIrt in Waldau, Feldberg, Grafenmatt, Fahl or at Notschrei. Small repair works are also done in the rental shops. The shop in Neustadt can support you if you have problems with your material or boots.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards. We accept cash, Maestro/Master/Visa and EC Card.