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The Sports Shop Intersport Hirt in Hochschwarzwald offers a vast selection of E-bikes and E-mountainbikes.

E-bike sales


Flying up the mountains, exercising or simply having fun. Are you looking for a reliable E-mountainbike, which will never disappoint you, whether you cycle on steep inclinations or gravel roads? Then you should try the E-mountainbikes from Scott, Flyer and Cube.


Are you a passionate cyclist and therefore a little more dynamic? Are you looking for demanding trails? Do you think that some adrenaline and thrill is part of cycling? In this case our new E-Fullys from Scott, Flyer and Cube will meet your requirements.

E-comfort bike

Are you looking for an E-bike offering maximum mobility, safety and comfort with minimal force required? A bike from the Comfort line is perfect so. These models accompany you through thick and thin. The less sporty and pleasure cyclists can easily do longer tours. Thanks to the E-comfort models smaller excursions and short routes in everyday life are simply fun!

E-trekking bikes

Do you prefer longer tours but also value comfort? The E-trekking bikes are the perfect choice so. Be it a tour thorugh the Black Forest Mountains or simply to work during the week. An E-trekking bike is always the perfect companion. And you will also make an impression thanks to the noble, yet simple look.