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Professional School in the German Ski Instructor's Association DSLV

We teach based on the snow sports philosophy of the DSLV:

  • it's the content and organisational structure concept for snow sports lessons in professional ski schools, and for training and further education in the DSLV.

  • A situational and transparent teaching concept for the final customers of all snow sports disciplines.

  • The overall motto "Success on snow - feeling safe with the professionals of the German Ski Instructor's Association (DSLV)" is carried out by the DSLV snow sports philosophy in an emotional, qualitative and situational way.

Lessons for the following course levels:

Green - Beginner

Practical knowledge

Getting to know the equipment, basic knowledge about terrain and safety


introduction to the equipment, safe gliding and braking


Blue - Advanced

Practical knowledge

Use of lift facilities


safe skiing on easy slopes, easy turns


Rot - Könner

Practical knowledge

sicheres Verhalten auf den Pisten


sicheres, rhythmisches Kurvenfahren


Black - Expert

Practical knowledge

Skiing styles and their effects, terrain and risk management


skiing turns with different requirements

Kids on Snow - learning in a playful way and great experiences

  • The German Ski Instructor's Association DSLV and the associated professional schools are specialists for children on snow.

  • «kids on snow», the great terrain game on snow does not strive to teach a certain technique. The main idea of this concept is to train individual talents, to drive the passion for snow sports, and to open the minds. Children can try different areas at any time and receive the right tip at the right moment. They will soon have fun and will learn to apply their own skills in a creative way. The joyful training motivates to try the most varied things.

  • With the «kids on snow» concept, the German Ski Instructor's Association wants to teach children the basic prerequisites for having fun doing exercise and lay the base for life-long snow sports.

DSLV Passport: Learning experience pass documents all the progress

  • Motivated from beginner to expert - with the snow sports philosophy as a basis

  • Visible success improves motivation. For this reason, the ski, snowboard and cross-country ski learners can now document their progress: in the Learning-Experience-Pass of the German Ski Instructor's Association (DSLV), which is based on the snow sports philosophy. Hence, the DSLV offers more orientation and safety for winter sports athletes.

  • The PASSPORT is divided into four colours and is available at certified Ski Schools: Green for beginners, blue for advanced, red for specialists and black for experts - based on the difficulty of the slopes. Single goals are defined for each area. Once the goals are achieved you get a stamp in your PASSPORT. In this way beginners can work their way up level by level.

  • The Passport can be purchased at the Ski School for a fee of 5.-.

  • The passport is included for bookings of a 4-day ski course.

kids on snow mit Beweg dich schlau! by Felix Neureuther

With the start of the winter season 2017/18 our ski school Egon Hirt complements the proven child course draught around by the newest scientific knowledge. Beweg dich Schlau from Felix Neureuther is no instruction for a better life, but rather a motivation for children and youngsters to move and to develop the brain. It should give pleasure and joy for skiing (Quotation Felix Neureuther).

,,Bewegung macht Schlau”- especially skiing offers perfect conditions for the concept, because no artificial situation must be created, they were given by nature. New challenges by constantly varying external relations like snow, area and speed, promote a diverse movement and a better brain performance.